So what’s Pinterest and how can it help my business?

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PinterestOne of the fastest growing social media sites is Pinterest. Think of a digital corkboard or pinboard, where you pin up images you upload or find around the internet that are of interest to you. You may think you don't need yet another social media distraction, but Pinterest could really work for your company to boost your Search Engine rankings. I've been reading a blog post by Jeff Bullas which delves into how this could work for you. Remember right now that external links and keywords are your best friends for SEO ranking. And that Pinterest is the perfect tool to use both very simply. Jeff's article looks at ways to use links, including guest blogging and guest posting. Now if you're a solo flyer who works with others on different projects this is a fantastic opportunity to cross-post and help each other. Commenting on others' 'pins' with a link back to your own site is an obvious way of drawing traffic. Jeff likes the idea of giving away a product or two (if your business is product-related) as interest in your giveaway will expose you to a wide new crowd of potential buyers. And finally by using the source feature of Pinterest you can cross-check on what your competitors are up to on Pinterest. What sort of business would really flourish with a Pinterest account? I'm thinking designers and photographers in particular - website, fashion, graphic, industrial, furniture and so on - could really get their businesses soaring. Designers, photographers and stylists use visuals in everything they do; visuals are the backbone of their businesses. So what better place than Pinterest to go to town? Wedding planners, event managers, travel companies and agents: Pinterest is definitely for you, too. Anyone in the beauty industry should be on Pinterest too. And that's just after thinking about who Pinterest could help for oh, say, two minutes. Give me an hour and I'll give you a blog post as big as War and Peace. And if you make products that are available for sale on your website, you have no excuse. Get on Pinterest now and plug your goodies. Sell the dream. Don't just post pics of your products, find pics that help people imagine more about the products and where they could use them. For example, if you make skin creams, pin images of foreign places, of tropical islands where your skin cream will soothe, of Paris in the snow where your skin cream will nourish skin affected by the cold. Getting it yet? Social media doesn't have to take over your business day, but it does need regular feeding and attention. If you think Pinterest is going to be utterly addictive, set yourself a time limit on a daily basis. Ten minutes a day to do a quick search of what you can pin and pins by others you can comment on. Get into a routine, perhaps set a different item each day to research. At the very least you'll make interesting new contact who could help your business grow. Find out more about Pinterest for businesses right here. Now, go and sign up, because it's free, and start pinning!

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