Charles Alexiou

Websites: Charles Alexiou

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Charles AlexiouThe brief for this sleek monochrome site was clear: simple and elegant, with the ability to feature a full screen image portfolio. Charles Alexiou is a designer specialising in full fit outs for new or renovated properties - although he is planning a retail upgrade to the site, offering merchandise which will allow them to have a little of the Charles Alexiou luxury look in their own home. We are also planning on developing the site in a number of languages, as Charles works internationally.
Africa Australia Infrastructure Conference

Websites: Africa Australia Infrastructure Conference

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Africa Australia Infrastructure ConferenceThe inaugural Africa Australia Infrastructure Conference will be held in September 2012 in Sydney and is organised by one of our long-standing clients OctoberFirst Consulting. The conference website is evolving as the event draws near to include the ability for online registrations and payments. At the time of writing - November 2011 - interested parties can download sponsorship information and pre-register for the event. Like many of our sites we are also responsible for all graphics on the website.

Websites: Eastwood Chamber of Commerce

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Eastwood Chamber of Commerce This is another site we have revamped from an original we built a few years ago. Eastwood Chamber staff wanted the ability to update their own site, and they also wanted one that looked more up to date. WordPress was an obvious platform, and the theme we chose has a specific Events post feature which automatically ceases to display invitations once the event date has passed - a perfect choice for a Chamber of Commerce. In this case we also provided the capability for the site to display several pages in Chinese and Korean. The number of multiple language pages is small at the moment but may grow with the site. We've covered more about this site in our blog. Thanks to the Sitepress Multilingual plugin, adding the ability to have Chinese and Korean pages was a breeze. A bit of a tweak in the PHP database made sure the characters displayed properly. The translation works throughout the site, taking into account info on posts and pages, but also dates and other information. Lovely.
Devine Law at Work

Website: Devine Law at Work

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Devine Law at WorkElizabeth Devine with her law practice Devine Law at Work has been a client for several years, and we persuaded her it was time for a rebuild so she could manage her own site through the WordPress CMS and also enhance her site with a business blog - something she'd been considering for a while. We chose a theme which handles FAQ beautifully with an easy-to-use custom FAQ module as her site has an extensive FAQ - likewise events, as Elizabeth is a popular speaker on legal and IR/HR law matters. We're confident Elizabeth is going to really enjoy editing her site and adding blog posts. At the time of writing, November 2011, the site has only recently been launched.

Websites: Catitude

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CATitudeOur own cat herder Sabrina Ferguson loved working on this job. Being a cat person, searching through image libraries with client Sharon to find the perfect photos of cats to enhance this site was a task made in heaven for her. First of all we created the CATitude logo based on Sharon's requests for look, style and colour. Colours decided, the website evolved quickly, with a delivery time of three weeks from shaking hands on the initial deal. This is another WordPress site, using an extremely easy to use yet good-looking template. The brief was light, bright and white with accents of blue and also an acid green. We chose images that blended with that cool, modern colour palate, with plenty of deep-etched or isolated cat images. Clients can book a consultation online, book Sharon’s services and pay for them online without leaving the site. CATitude offers a cat sitting service on Sydney’s lower north shore, so you can leave your cats at home while you’re away. Cats get terribly stressed when you put them in boarding facilities, so Sharon visits up to twice a day, feeding, brushing and playing with your cat or cats. Having worked with Sharon to build this site, I can recommend her; she’s studied cat psychology, has a remarkable Siamese who is almost human and she LOVES cats. Yours couldn’t be in better hands. As she says, it’s all about the cat.

Websites: Harris Crime Prevention Services

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Harris Crime Prevention ServicesHarris Crime Prevention Services has been a client of mine for several years now through a couple of website iterations. It was time to take Leon Harris and his team of specialist security consultants into the era of CMS, giving them the flexibility to update their site whenever they want. The new Harris Crime Prevention Services website built by Arion Productions was launched today. Leon wanted to increase his SEO ranking, particularly for the highly sought after 'security consultants sydney' keywords. We've already got him to number one on 'crime prevention consultants sydney'. Having a blog and increasing his social media presence will help out here. Google takes social media accounts, the number of shares, likes and retweets into its calculation now. Have a strong social media presence and you'll stand more chance of getting on page one.

Websites: ALVA

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ALVAThe ALVA team wanted a site where they could feature their news on the front page and update themselves very easily. With this in mind I kept this site as simple as possible; it also looks very fresh and clean. And the gallery I've used simply rocks. They have great fun at their events with photos to prove it, and the gallery allows them to show the pics off to advantage with very little client effort. Find the site at www.alva.org.au

Websites – Rumour Control

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Rumour ControlRumour Control's new site replaces an HTML site Arion had built for Gregor Ferguson's company three years ago. The new CMS site incorporates a blog and gives Gregor the ability to make his own additions and edits. It brings together Rumour Control's brochureware/articles site with the blog and negates the need for a separate blog hosted on Blogger.

Websites: CCA

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CCA WebsiteChristian Community Aid has been an Arion Productions client for several years and we were delighted to be asked to revamp the existing HTML site we had built into a more exciting CMS site that CCA could edit themselves. At the moment the site is still 'brochureware' and more features will be added in the future, including options for online donations and payments.

Websites: Blands Law

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We had built an HTML site for Blands Law two years ago, and revamped the site into a slick CMS with integrated blog and social media-centric features in late 2010. One of BlandsLaw's fields of expertise is social media law, and this site combines brochureware with an interactive social media hub. BlandsLaw runs several blogs and while Andrew Bland's blog is on this site headlines from the company's other blogs are fed into the site. BlandsLaw also runs several Twitter feeds which cover each aspect of it law expertise and feeds from each are also provided on the site. Arion Productions provided all images and montages for this site apart from images used in actual blog posts. Go visit!