My Mum bought this suite in 1986 and it's done our family well. Structurally it's very sound, the rocker is lovely to sit in and all the pieces are gorgeously, squashily comfortable. However ... the leather hasn't worn as well as the rest of the suite, and all arms on the chairs, and a couple of the cushions on the sofa, are cracked despite regular leather care. This is a quality Australian-made suite by Moran. It's SOLID. This would be a fab set for a family room, for daily use. Plenty of seating as you can sit on the ottoman too. Spills simply wipe off the leather - no stains! Sofa is 190cm long, chairs are approx 80 cm wide at widest part. The colour is a lovely pale avocado green, very restful. You will need a furniture van to pick this lot up, or friends with utes. Sorry I won't separate the sofa and chairs, you get the lot! And you'll love them.