Lizards drinking have nothing on me right now!

Posted by | September 01, 2010 | Services | No Comments
I worked out last week I've had six weekends since March this year where I haven't had to do some kind of work for clients. Some weekends I've worked most days all weekend; otherwise it's been a half day on top of the long hours I spend working Monday to Friday. It's not ideal; I'd like to have an orderly life where I could count on having weekends off, but like a lot of small business owners I've fallen into the bad habit of being a slave to the client... and delivering on time no matter how many long hours it takes. This month looks like being another huge one. For Ryde Business Forum I'm running some Small Business September events which theoretically I have to attend as the host, as well as the regular events for the Forum and all the admin, marketing and web work. One of my clients has, I think, four websites for me to build. I know it's at least three and I'm halfway through construction on two of them. I have another two websites to finish for another client. And I've got an exciting project in the planning process with a colleague, for which I'm sworn to secrecy. Somewhere in that lot I'm taking a long weekend in Adelaide with family and friends, and I think I'll need it just to clear my head and give me some new ideas, not to mention taking in the early spring in that beautiful city. But for now... I'm dreaming in code at nights!