Nasty little Twitterbuggers

Posted by | January 23, 2012 | Social Media | No Comments
I manage several Twitter accounts for clients and during the last week have seen a number of messages from other Twitter users inviting me to click on a link to 'see what nasty things people are saying about you'. In some cases, the wording is 'nasy things people are saying about you'. If you are a Twitter user and receive one of these messages, even from a very trusted source, do not, under any circumstances, click on it. It's a hacker virus, and your account will be compromised if your firewall doesn't stop the link activating. You will need to change your Twitter password immediately. Because of the very viral nature of Twitter this virus spreads like wildfire, and even reporting to Twitter the person who sent it to you will probably be useless, unless you are in direct contact with the original hacker. Or ARE the original hacker. Be vigilant. Don't click on any links that sound a bit dodgy or don't sound like the real voice of regular and trusted contacts. Happy tweeting!

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