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We provide writing and editing/proofing services for companies large and small. Our services include:
  • Website copy
  • Brochure copy
  • Newsletter copy and editing
  • Document editing and proofing
  • Auction site listings
  • Media releases
  • Advertising copy (and design too)
  • Email newsletter copy, editing and production
  • Book editing/copy editing
  • Rewriting or editing ESL documents
Website copyrighting and editing: In a world increasingly dependent on the internet for information, it's important for you to make sure your website has all the information people may seek, written concisely and with no grammar or punctuation errors. We can help you write your website copy so your company is presented as professionally as possible. Many people have skills in writing business correspondence, but unless you have marketing and communications training, your website copy may not be doing you justice. Other writing services: Other ways in which we can help you include writing and/or editing your staff or company newsletter; proofing and editing your annual report, tender response or other important company document; turning technical information into a marketing brochure; we even assist with writing your eBay or other auction site listings to help attract buyers. If you're considering placing an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine - or an internet banner ad - we can assist you with writing compelling copy and also providing an eye-catching design. English as a Second Language (ESL): If English is your second language (ESL), we can help you deliver compelling marketing material and other documents without losing your own company identity. Many people know what they want to say in their own language but have difficulty marketing successfully to an English-speaking customer base as their English isn't as fluent as they'd like - particularly in online and hard copy documents. If that's you, don't be at a disadvantage any longer! We can rewrite your website and other material in perfect English, and it will still retain your character and enthusiasm for what you do. Your marketing material has to tell customers about you and your products when you're not there face to face to do it. If you're spending money on publishing hard copy, producing PDFs or hosting a website, you need to make sure your copy is as compelling as possible. Our rates are reasonable, and the extra it will cost you to use us will be well worth it, as we'll ensure you present a professional image to your customers. You can't afford NOT to use a proofreader/copyeditor in today's cutthroat world. Contact us now!
Arion's Sabrina Ferguson is a writer who has been winning awards for her work since her teens. Sabrina received international praise for her series of articles on the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the La Jolla Light newspaper in San Diego, California. She has also written "plain English" training courses for software programs for her previous employer and other clients. Before forming Arion Productions in 2000, Sabrina spent 13 years in a corporate communications role in the defence industry. She is an adaptable writer with a passion for the English language and an obsession for correct punctuation. Her journalist husband calls her The Grammar Nazi. She has sworn a vendetta against extraneous and incorrectly-used apostrophes and longs to rescue abused semi-colons and colons. Sabrina's clients range from large multinational corporations to SOHO businesses. A sample of her writing and editing abilities is available on request. Sabrina is also responsible for the written content (as well as design and photography) of Sabrina also offers fiction and non-fiction authors assistance with copy-editing their work. Do you have a fantastic story to tell, but would like to polish it before finding a publisher or an agent? Sabrina can help you produce a manuscript without dampening your personal writing style. And if you're a publisher who takes on freelance copywriters, contact Sabrina if you need an editor! Sabrina currently writes fiction under the name Caroline Sully, and has been successful under that name in literary competitions with her short stories in recent years.