Our writing team is growing

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writing We are delighted that marketing and business writer Genevieve Hinds has joined the Arion Productions team. Genevieve has recently returned from ten years working in the USA, where she held high-level marketing positions, ran a successful and award-winning marketing agency and authored a book on guerrilla marketing for small business owners. Genevieve has worked with major corporations such as 3M and Merrill Lynch as well as coaching small businesses on achieving growth and ROI. Genevieve is blessed with a natural ability to write, and write well. She loves writing marketing copy. Sales flyers are her delight. She can turn tech speak into marketing speak, engineering into English. She's a killer with the red pencil when she's in editor mode. In short, she's what your business needs to revise existing material or write new material. Whether it's a corporate brochure, a sales flyer, or copy for your new website, you need to talk to Genevieve. Contact us now to discuss your projects and how Genevieve can help you.

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