Think visual.

From a single item to your complete style guide.

We can assist you with:
  • entire corporate design/branding - logo/wordmark, letterheads, business cards, compliments slips, website, newsletter, e-news and corporate design guidelines (eg fonts, sizes, placement, Word document templates). We can also design any single element of the above producing material to your existing corporate design
  • invitations for all corporate and social occasions
  • company and/or staff newsletters, email or PDF/hard copy. PS... we can help you write them, too
  • banners and graphic boards for trade shows
  • books for both print and electronic (PDF and e-pub) publication
  • advertisements for print and electronic media
  • flyers
  • banners and backgrounds for blogs, social media etc. See our Website design page for more examples.

graphic work

Because this is a business communications company, not just a graphic design or DTP company, we understand the hows and whys behind corporate design and the need for documentation that not only looks good, but reads well too. We manually proof every document we prepare – not just using spellchecker, but actually reading it to ensure grammar and syntax are correct, and that every document conveys a consistency in terms of style. We can prepare your document for print or provide it in e-book format on CD using Adobe Acrobat. E-books are a cost-effective and interactive way to distribute documents and can include web links and other files. We will provide quotations for print or CD burning and manage the document from your draft to the final product. We can also develop your material in e-pub format if you’re planning to sell your book as a Kindle product on Amazon or any other e-publishing platform. You’ll find our printing costs for standard documents – A4 and A5 flyers, brochures up to 48 pages, business cards – extremely competitive, especially if you have a print run of 1000 or more. Whether you just want a logo, a wordmark, the full branding service, or a one-off document designed, contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

What's the difference between graphic design and branding?

Branding is a term that’s often misunderstood and misused. Your brand is your identity for your business, and/or specific products and services your business supplies. A brand can be a name, sign, symbol, colour combination or slogan. The word brand has continued to evolve from the means of identifying a cow a couple of centuries ago to encompass the identity and personality of a product, company or service. To put it simply, it’s how people perceive you across all methods of marketing. So when you say to a graphic designer, “Oh, I just want a logo” we’d sooner talk to you about creating a brand for your company. Yes, we can just give you a logo. But importantly we can also talk about what colours and fonts you might use across all your marketing materials (and how and when) and we’d prefer to write you a corporate design and provide you with templates for your Word documents and other material which use your logo or wordmark consistently, including social media pages. A brand means consistency of design, so whenever people see your logo or wordmark they associate it with you. It also increasingly means how you present yourself on the internet across social media channels.
Branding is more than your company name in a certain font and colour, or a downloadable generic logo. It’s all very well having a logo or wordmark, but if you use it inconsistently, you’re degrading your brandability. (If there is such as word, and if there isn’t, there should be.) We can show you how to create a powerful identity for your company – a professional identity, and isn’t that what you want? This extends to the language you use in your communications: whether you’re going to be formal (“XYZ Company believes that…”) or more friendly and approachable (“Here at XYZ Company, we believe that…”). We help you build consistency across all your communications both internally, if you have a larger organisation, and externally, which applies to companies of all sizes, including sole traders. 
You’ve noticed we’ve used the words logo and wordmark. What’s the difference? A logo is a purely graphic mark – think of the Apple, Nike or Adidas logo. A wordmark is a text-only representation of a company’s or organisation’s name, in whatever particular font/s they choose. It can be a certain colour or different colours, it could have expanded or contracted characters, and it can form part of a graphic logo. For example, the “Arion Productions” you see at the top of this page is technically a wordmark which fulfils the role of a logo in branding this company. You might have both a logo AND a wordmark – or you might not have either but need some help in developing some kind of symbol that sets the brand for your company. Whatever your situation, if you think you need some help with branding your company across its stationery and internet presence we can help you.