Social Media is part of your brand too

So make sure your social accounts match your corporate brand

These days social media forms just as big a part of your brand as your website, corporate brochures or letterhead. Social media sites give you fabulous access to viral marketing - that is, your input into the social media site is sent on from user to user. The nice thing is it probably won't cost you a cent for your posts or tweets to be forwarded on to a growing market.

social media icons

Social media sites that are increasingly important in marketing your company (not just you as in individual) include:
If you have your own account on these pages we can, in many cases, supply you with template objects and graphics to enhance your branding and presence and provide a consistent brand across all your social media sites. We can, for example, design Facebook or Google+ cover images for you, a background for your Twitter account or customised YouTube livery. If you haven’t joined any of these sites yet, we strongly recommend you do, as search engines love them. Blogs in particular rank highly with search engines. YouTube is second at the moment to Google as a preferred search engine. Facebook offers targetted paid advertising to your market and allows you great customer interaction through your company page. LinkedIn, despite being around since last century, has suddenly jumped in both popularity and functionality as a way for businesspeople to connect. Twitter is second to Facebook as the most popular way to get your message to the masses, whether it’s just tweeting about your services or directing people to your blog or videos. Pinterest offers scope for people to understand more about your business and is particularly useful to bloggers and those in the arts and creative fields. Google+ can help raise your Search Engine Optimisation, although it has yet to take off as a business-to-business tool in the way Twitter and Facebook have. Social media isn’t just about joining one of these sites and posting away merrily, however. It should form a real part of your marketing strategy and what you expect from your social media campaign should be mapped out before you make the first tweet or post. We are not social media coaches, however we can put you in touch with social media experts and coaches who will show you how to make the most of your online presence and help you develop a social media strategy and campaigns - contact us now for more information or a referral.