She read one too many sensationalist teaser headlines. You’ll never guess what happened next!

Posted by | April 02, 2015 | Lifestyle | No Comments
She wrote a blog post about it. Have you noticed the increasing trend for sensational, teasing headlines like the title of this post? On my personal Facebook feed it seems a lot of pages are using them, particularly the more tabloid ones (Mamamia, I'm talking to you.) He introduced his ferrets to his baby rabbit. You won't believe what happened next! (What? Bunny carnage? Nope. Best friends forever from day one, totally breaking the first law of modern journalism: If it bleeds, it leads. But you guessed that before even reading the post, didn't you?) I find these teaser headlines curiously irritating. For a high percentage of them, they don't live up to their promise of surprise. But they do catch my eye, and make me hover my clicky finger over the link in an agony of Do I, Don't I; is it really worth me spending my time checking out that link, especially if it's a video more than three seconds long? In that respect they do exactly as they are intended to. What's your view on the sensationalist headline? Does it bug you? Is it beginning to annoy you? Or haven't you really noticed how it's gathering force on the internet?

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