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A new website for RBF

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I've been building and maintaining the website for umbrella chamber of commerce Ryde Business Forum since January 2001, and today loaded up and gave the final tweak to the fifth website I've built for the organisation. It had been in the back of my mind to build a WordPress site for the Forum since last winter; the more I work with WordPress the more I like it both as a platform to build on and as an editor when the site is up. Read More

…and it’s only Thursday

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Having started this new blog with the current incarnation of my website the intention was to post something every couple of days, but the last week has been tremendously busy. I've hardly had time to think about what to write; even worse, I did have a good idea, didn't jot it down and now I've forgotten it in the cocktail of things I've been doing for people! Grr! Busy I might be but it's all exciting stuff. I'm currently working with Martin Sekel of StreetViewHQ on rebuilding the Ryde Business Forum website in Joomla. Martin's doing the lion's share, especially some of the back end stuff with databases and online payments. I get to do the pretty graphic bits among other tasks. With all the work I already do for RBF I don't have the time to build the site myself, and as I'm not as experienced in Joomla as Martin he can get it done in far less time. Monday and Tuesday this week passed in a fug as I spent about 14 hours each day, coming up occasionally for food, working on the site and flicking ideas back and forth with Martin. We hope to have the site live sometime in June. Last weekend I did a rebuild for OctoberFirst's website. It didn't too long as it's not an extensive site, but it certainly put paid to at least half of the weekend. I knew I had fat chance of rebuilding it during the week as the RBF site was beckoning. In addition, it seems some of my smaller clients think it's a good idea to update their websites this week. So far I've done changes for Christian Community Aid and BlandsLaw, and now Devine Law at Work has sent me a bucket of changes too. Something I'll have to get out of the way this morning as this afternoon I have to head to an Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting at the City of Ryde. Oh, and  I'll have to write and send out an e-news for RBF by the end of the week.  As well this week I've had a board meeting with RBF, recorded a slot for 2RRR-FM, and the usual several hours' worth of admin/marketing work for RBF. I'm hoping to have some time off this weekend and put the work/life balance back in better order.