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E-commerce: build it into your site or add later

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e-commerce for your siteRunning e-commerce on your website is now so cost-effective even the smallest organisation can afford to do it. You'll need SSL hosting and a fixed IP address, but that's going to cost you less than $50 to add to your hosting (if you buy through us that is... currently SSL hosting is $32 a year, paid annually). We'll add a fabulous, easy to configure and easy for you to update shopping cart for another $70, which is a one-off fee and pays for the cart software.  (Please note: this only applies to sites we build or have built for you, or sites already running on the WordPress platform.) If you don't have credit card facilities, we can link your new cart to your PayPal account, and if you don't have a PayPal account we can help you set one up. PayPal is widely used and trusted these days across the world wide web; even larger organisations are using it for people to buy products and services. We don't bundle a shopping cart with our existing packages, and there is an extra charge involved to set it up for you, which attracts a fee of $100 if it's going on a site we built or are building, and $140 if we have to retrofit to a site we haven't built.  Depending on how many categories you want your shop to have and how many products you want in there initially, and whether we have to resize and fix images for your products and/or services, $100 may be all you have to pay.  For example, if you only have one category and less than ten products, we could probably set that up for $100. Adding products is easy and quick, but we do like to ensure your new shop blends seamlessly into your existing website template, which the majority of the setup fee covers. From around $200 your shop will be up and running and you'll be selling like a pro. Just because you own a small business doesn't mean you have to think small! Contact us now to find out more!