That’s all folks

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When I started this business in January 2001 I had high hopes. The internet was still pretty young, every small business was going to want a website ...

Twenty years later it's so easy for anyone with a modicum of IT knowledge to build their own, which is what a lot of micro businesses have done. If you buy the stock images, if you have a logo (and hopefully one you've paid someone to design and not done yourself in Microsoft Word or Paint), off you go.

So I've taken down the shingle, moved to somewhere coastal, and shut up shop. My stress levels, which were pretty awful, have dropped dramatically.

If you are one of my (now former) clients and need my help, I can assist with minor matters or find someone to help you with larger ones. If you haven't already discovered Freelancer or Upwork, that is!

I wish you all well. You can still find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Cheers, Sabrina

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