The wisdom of Solomon – David Solomon of Quiddity Business

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Every now and then we all meet people who give us a lightbulb moment - or more than one. It could be about work, it could be about life. It could be about both. I met up with David Solomon of Quiddity Business for a chat today, and lightbulbs were flashing left, right and centre as we talked over a cup of tea. The sky may have been grey but suddenly it was a much, lighter, brighter shade. Because I love words, I was interested to know the background of Quiddity as a business name. There's a hint of 'making a quid' about it, which brought to mind the way David can show his clients ways to run a profitable business. But he explained it's actually an Old English/Medieval Latin word. Its meaning is along the lines of "the quality that makes a thing what it is; the essential nature of a thing." (This definition is from David works with female entrepreneurs who run SMEs. In particular, he helps them find their core purpose with their business, which often overlaps into non-business life. It's all about feeling and being fulfilled with what you're doing. The saying 'find a way of making money out of doing what you love' is key to this, but doing what you love for a living might not always be profitable (ask any writer or artist starving in the traditional garret); in steps David to look at your business and find ways to help you become profitable, and not all of these are a matter of business tools and balance sheets. I won't go into David's methods, because they are his IP and because every person is different. What is relevant and right for me might not be right for you. If you want to know more, David runs seminars and webinars, and it's through a recent webinar I attended led by him that we met up. David also offers some free stuff on his website so you can get a taste of what he is about. When you talk with David there's a real sense of universal energy around him, which envelopes you and engages you. We spoke about the subconscious and its impact on client perception among other things. It's funny; after an hour I could sense I was being more aware of what animated me in a conversation, and how my demeanour changed when I spoke about things I am passionate about, such as writing. With a long weekend ahead of me, I'll be spending some of that time pondering new directions, new ideas, and new energies as a result of today's meeting. If you're looking for a lightbulb moment too, do get in touch with David. You'll be glowing with ideas afterwards!  

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