Don't want to maintain your site yourself?

We'll do it for you!

MaintenanceIf you don't have time to maintain your WordPress website, or simply don't want to do it yourself, we can do it for you. For $100 per month plus GST we will:
  • ensure core software is up to date
  • ensure all plugins are up to date
  • add any new plugins we think may help your site perform better
  • ensure your site theme is up to date
  • post up to four blog posts (material supplied by you - we will include proofreading, more than four blog posts will cost $25 plus GST for each extra post*)
  • make minor changes to site pages or add one new page (extra pages will cost $25 plus GST each*)
  • tweak your SEO as necessary
  • back up your site
We can provide a similar service on Joomla! sites and HTML sites - prices negotiable. Contact us for more information on this service. We are happy to maintain sites built by other people too! * Take out a twelve month service with us at $100 + GST per month paid annually or monthly, and we will aggregate all changes over a twelve month period. It could be that some months you have very little new material, and some months quite a lot. We find that over a year most clients come in under the package allowance and there aren't any extra charges for posts or pages.