Harris Crime Prevention Services website

  • November 10, 2011
Harris Crime Prevention Services
Harris Crime Prevention Services has been a client of mine for several years now through a couple of website iterations. It was time to take Leon Harris and his team of specialist security consultants into the era of CMS, giving them the flexibility to update their site whenever they want. The new Harris Crime Prevention Services website built by Arion Productions was launched in spring 2011. Leon wanted to increase his SEO ranking, particularly for the highly sought after 'security consultants sydney' keywords. We've already got him to number one on 'crime prevention consultants sydney' and got him onto page 1 of Google for 'security consultants sydney' in spring 2011. Having a blog and increasing his social media presence will help out here. Google takes social media accounts, the number of shares, likes and retweets into its calculation now. Have a strong social media presence and you'll stand more chance of getting on page one.

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